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Choose Your Illusion Of Life

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

As I traversed my personal journey of self-development I would often come across this concept of everything is an illusion. Buddhists talk about life being an illusion, that desire is attachment, and nirvana is the goal of life. The key to reaching the state of nirvana, or enlightenment, starts with piercing this illusion of life. Spiritual people from all walks of life talk about such ideals all the time, referring to it as something we must all eventually understand and attain.

And intellectually I could understand it. But it took a moment of insight on one particular day while I was in a state of meditation, for this understanding to really dawn on me. It came like a huge wake-up call, as if my alarm just went off after a long stupor. And when it did, it was like something had really truly shifted in my brain, and I started to see things very differently.

To understand that life is an illusion is truly life’s best kept and biggest secret. If you can wrap your head around this, then you would definitely take things a little bit more easy, approaching things in a more relaxed manner and not make everything such a big deal. Because nothing is actually real.

"Everything in your life is just an illusion that was created solely for the purposes of you growing, learning and developing into the best version that you can be."

And this is how it works: If I have low self-esteem, then I’m going to project that thought pattern out into my reality, which will appear in my life as the various situations I experience that only serve to reinforce what I believed to be true in the first place. So my life experiences will keep feeding me situations and messages that tell me that “I am not important,” “I’m not good enough” or “Life really sucks for me.” Since energy responds to the thought vibrations we send out into the Universe, the experiences that we attract back to us simply confirm and validate what we already believe to be true.

We are all just perpetuating an illusion that is actually a reflection of our internal state. It starts from us before it makes it way out and turns into our life experience. And so if everything is an illusion that we are putting out into the world, then this begets the question of why are we putting out illusions in our life that we don’t really want for ourselves?

Why are we sending out messages to the universe bringing us back experiences that we don’t really like, experiences that aren’t making us happy? Why aren’t we actually creating the illusion that works for us instead of the one that doesn’t make us happy?

Going by the theory that we create our reality through our thoughts, on a subconscious level, we’ve orchestrated all the experiences in our life. If so, as the creators of our experiences, we also have the power to dis-create it, or in other words, change it. Shift it. We can instead choose to reflect a version of our internal state that will give us the best possible life experience.

Whatever you want, you should be able to create it in your life. It starts from what’s inside of you. It starts with how you feel inside. It starts with those beliefs systems that you choose to perpetuate, the ones you choose to hold on to, through the thoughts you think repeatedly. It starts with what you believe about the world around you.

So, if you want to create that perfect illusion that’s going to give you the best possible life experience you are actually choosing to have, then you have to do things a little differently. Maybe it’s that soulmate or a particular career or your life purpose, whatever it may be, the work has to be done internally.

Knowing what you want and having the conviction that you will get it has to be achieved from within you to actually put it out there, allowing you to live it, walk it, and create that reality.

So you know how people say walk the talk? Well I’m going to say if you want to walk the talk, you actually have to have the right programming in your mind. That mental programming must actually be created first. You can say that the software needs to be built for you first to actually create that experience in your life.

It’s always a choice you make. You get to create and design that perfect life that you want, if you are intentional and purposeful about doing so. And all the spiritual and metaphysical tools that are available to us are simply there to help you understand how to do that, how to make that work for you, and how to make it all happen. All it takes is your belief.

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