How to Transforming Pain to Power: How People Hurt Us to Help Us


I’ve got a perspective shift for you that might just change the way you view the relationship challenges you face in your life. 

Imagine that you are the main character in your movie, and what makes your movie a blockbuster is your hero's journey. You start from zero and evolve into the hero or heroine of your life story. 

But here's the twist: your best friends in the spirit world, who are also your soulmates or part of your soul family, come down to Earth as your parents, partners, friends, or other significant characters in your screenplay of life.

These besties of yours plan elaborate and intricate contracts that you carry out here on Earth, including doing things to each other that may cause pain. 

These contracts are no ordinary agreements. Their purpose is to provide you with the necessary challenges and growth opportunities that you need, to become the ultimate hero of your movie.

Let me share an inspiring example. A client came to me to work on his feelings of being deeply hurt and betrayed by certain family members. He decided to cut ties with them, leading him to find solace in his own company and depend entirely on himself for the first time in his life. 

In that solitude, he discovered a newfound sense of self. He began to love and appreciate himself, enjoying his own company and realizing his untapped potential.

Through this experience, he realized that his family's actions, painful as they were, became the catalyst for his personal growth. If they hadn't hurt him, he wouldn't have gained the confidence that came from learning to depend solely on himself.


So you see, those family members who hurt him were his secret allies, pushing him to unleash his inner hero. Without their painful actions, he wouldn't have become the person he needed to be to start feeling empowered in his life.

So, here's the profound truth: people hurt you to help you. There is a hidden purpose behind pain. 

When you recognize this, you can begin to let go of grudges, even finding gratitude for those who have caused you pain. It's a shift in perspective that allows you to see the bigger picture and understand that you are all connected in the higher realms, where you might be laughing together about how it all played out.

Sometimes, the people who hurt you the most are your biggest champions, your loudest cheerleaders, and your truest friends, at least on a spiritual level. Understanding this concept empowers you to stop blaming others and ditch victimhood. Instead, you start to appreciate the learning that comes from every difficult situation.

Are you ready to do this?

To integrate this understanding into your life, it starts with letting go of blame and shedding the victim label you've worn for far too long. It involves appreciating the lessons embedded in each challenging situation and actively seeking out the wisdom you need to gain from those experiences.

Remember, the truth shall set you free. Free from drama, pain, and resentment. 

By understanding the concept of soul contracts and taking responsibility for what happens in your relationships with others, you start to focus on the personal growth opportunities in your difficulties. This allows you to reconnect with the deeper purpose behind your relationships challenges rather than blaming others or playing the victim.

I encourage you to reflect on the people in your life who have caused you pain. 

Can you see them as catalysts for your personal growth? Can you find gratitude for the lessons they provided? 

By doing so, you empower yourself to become the hero of your journey, trading in all your relationship drama for more authentic connections with the people who matter most to you.

Remember that within every challenge lies an opportunity for growth, and within every pain lies the potential for transformation. Accept your journey, appreciate the lessons, and become the hero of your own life story.

See those who hurt you as catalysts for your hero's journey. Ready to trade drama for authentic connections? Sign up for Relationship Detox program.

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