Time to Relationship Detox? Release the Ex and Embrace Your Future


We've all been there, haven't we? That heart-wrenching feeling of a relationship that has reached its end, the pain of a breakup, the weight of emotional baggage. It's a universal experience, and it's something we can all learn and grow from. 

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay

Healing from past relationships is a deeply personal journey, and the first step is to understand that it's okay not to be okay. It's natural to feel sadness, anger, and confusion when a relationship ends.

Give yourself permission to grieve the loss of the relationship. Embrace your emotions, whether it's non-stop crying, journaling, or talking to a friend. Allow yourself to experience this process completely.

At the same time, you’ve got to avoid blaming yourself for the end of the relationship. Recognize that it takes two people to make a relationship work, and sometimes, it just doesn't. 

I remember a relationship from my past where due to my own commitment issues, I ended up sabotaging the relationship and pushing my then-boyfriend away. It took me over a year to get over the guilt of hurting him. I couldn’t move past the self-blame that I had ruined it. 

But the thing is, relationships are intricate dances, and it takes two to tango. Our relationship at that time had way bigger problems than just me being afraid of commitment. 

So if you are beating yourself up over a relationship that ended, how about you acknowledge your part, but don't crucify yourself for the end. Instead of playing the blame game, you can tap into the power of Self-Compassion. Be kind and gentle to yourself, the way you would be to someone you love.

Forgive Yourself

Forgiveness can be a powerful tool in the healing process. It's not about excusing someone's behavior but releasing the hold it has on your heart. Do you want your ex or your past to live rent-free in your head? 

Of course not. 

Try to understand that people are flawed, just like you and me. And holding onto resentment can weigh you down. So instead, choose to forgive, not for their sake, but for your own peace.

As important as it is to forgive others, you must also learn to forgive yourself. Often, we carry guilt or regret from past relationships like a heavy backpack that gets harder and harder to carry as we stuff it with all our relationship pain. 

You did the best you could with the knowledge and experience you had at the time. Forgive yourself and let go of the past.

Do not give the past power over your present by staying stuck there, replaying the situations of your past on repeat, hoping that it will end a different way. 

The past is gone, but the present is here, and the future is still to come. Your life is filled with endless possibilities.

Letting Go of Emotional Baggage

Relationships leave their mark. And emotional baggage can be the invisible baggage we carry from one relationship to another, diminishing our capacity to love again. It gets more difficult each time we feel like we have to start all over again. 

WTF! Back to square one…again?

But what if you took a journey of self-reflection through your emotional landscape and identified your baggage like you’d do on a baggage carousel? You wouldn’t leave your luggage behind now, would you? You’d take what's yours and continue on ahead. 

There is merit in identifying the baggage you are lugging around from you past relationships. Trust issues? Fear of vulnerability? A wounded self-esteem? Or is it the fear of being disappointed again?

By confronting what is keeping you stuck, you can set an intention to let it go.

Seeking Professional Help

If you are at that point where you can feel the resistance or self-sabotage getting in your way of finding love again, then it’s time to seek professional help. Don't hesitate to seek support from a healer if needed. 

Why should you suffer in silence longer than you need to, right?

A ThetaHealer or relationship coach can provide valuable insights and tools for processing your emotions. There's no shame in seeking the wisdom of someone better equipped than you to guide you through the process of letting go. They can be the lighthouse, steering your ship through stormy emotional waters.

Healing yourself and your past is not just about letting go; it's also about growing into a stronger, wiser version of yourself.

The Gift of Healing

I work with a lot of young women who are in college or in their twenties and they are ThetaHealers. These women have learned how to apply the steps and technique of approaching their lives in a much healthier and more empowering way. 

I wish I had discovered ThetaHealing when I was in college…it would have made my life a whole lot easier and a lot less painful when dealing with my relationship challenges.  

It’s not too late. I have a daughter now, and the biggest gift I will give her is the gift of healing, so that she will grow up without feeling powerless, limited, or stuck. For she will have the tools to help herself. She’s got to learn how to make lemonade if life gives her lemons. As long as she knows how to help herself with the methods I will teach her, I know she will always find her way. 

You too can help yourself get there by prioritizing self-care. Engage in activities that bring you joy, connect with supportive friends, and take care of your mental and emotional well-being. Whether it's practicing yoga, spending time in nature, or indulging in a favorite hobby, self-care can help soothe your heart and mind.

There is nothing more motivating than setting new goals. Focus on your personal goals and aspirations. Distract yourself from the pain of the past by redirecting your energy toward something positive and uplifting. Use this time to rediscover your passions and interests. Focus on something that makes you feel good again.

It’s Time to Move On

Healing from past relationships is a brave journey, and it's a testament to your strength and resilience. Every scar you carry tells a story - a story of your courage, your growth, and your unwavering capacity to love. You are not defined by your past but by the person you're becoming.

Every relationship that ends, every heartbreak you endure, it's all part of your story, a story that's leading you to a brighter, more beautiful future.

If you a ready to start creating your new future right now, then you’ll want the exciting mini-course I’ve created: Relationship Detox, where you’ll ditch the past and embrace your new future. It’s time to break free from the chains of your past, releasing all the negative energy you’ve been holding on to, so you can finally move forward towards something more worthy of you.

If you want to join my Relationship Detox program where I’ll help you let go of the ex, or a past relationship, and heal your broken heart, then sign up for the Relationship Detox program.

And guess what, I am giving this course absolutely FREE to my tribe for a limited time only. 

Keep moving forward, keep loving yourself, and keep believing in the power of healing and self-love, because you deserve every bit of love and happiness that's coming your way. And remember, the end of one chapter paves the way for the beginning of another.

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